UMC-750SS vs. VF-5TR – Kinner Manufacturing

UMC-750SS vs. VF-5TR – Kinner Manufacturing

Kinner Manufacturing, a family-owned machine shop in Olivehurst, California, opened its doors in 2007. The independent manufacturer supplies semi-finished and finished components and assemblies, with a focused interest in expanders, compressors, balancing, inspection and CAD programming. Kinner recently took stock of a new UMC-750SS vertical machining center, successfully running a batch of 60 16" impellors, which which resulted in a 50% cycle time reduction in comparison to their VF-5TR. Take a look at the stats below to learn more about how Kinner is saving time and money.

Application Highlights:

  • Machine running 16 hour shifts, seven days per week

  • Saw improved part finish due to higher spindle speeds

  • Saw increased cutting speeds due to faster rotary interpolation

  • Reduction in lost motion (no-cutting) time due to faster rapids

Machine Comparison:

  • UMC-750SS versus VF-5TR

  • 50 percent cycle time reduction – 5.5 hours to 2.5 hours

Parts and Material:

  • 16" (406 mm) Locomotive Turbocharger Impellor – Aluminum 6061-T6


  • Turbo-machinery components


  • 28 April, 2015