UMC-750SS vs. UMC-750 – Vineburg Machining Inc.

UMC-750SS vs. UMC-750 – Vineburg Machining Inc.

Vineburg Machining, Inc. has been manufacturing high-quality machined parts since opening their doors in Sonoma, California, in 1977. Since then, Vineburg has moved shop to Carson City, Nevada, and added a number of Haas CNC machines to their arsenal, including a new universal machining center. When compared to the production from their UMC-750, Vineburg saw a 16% reduction in cycle time with the Super-Speed machine. Take a look at the stats below to learn more about how Vineburg is saving time and money.

Application Highlights:

  • Machine running 24 hour shifts, six days per week

  • Saw improved part finish due to higher spindle speeds

  • Reduction in lost motion (no-cutting) time due to faster rapids

Machine Comparison:

  • UMC-750 versus UMC-750SS

    • Rotary: 3X faster

    • Spindle: 15K vs. 12K

    • Tool change times: 43% faster

  • 16 percent cycle time reduction – 105 parts per day versus 90 parts per day

Parts and Material:

  • Air intake valve – cast aluminum


  • Truck and engine component manufacturing


Vineburg Machining, Inc.

Carson City, Nevada


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  • 11 February, 2016