Spectrumcollege BVTI wins the Peter Heller Talent Award

Spectrumcollege BVTI wins the Peter Heller Talent Award

This past week, two students from the Spectrumcollege BVTI, a vocational school in Beringen (Belgium) and a member of the Haas Technical Education Center Network, won the Peter Heller Talent Award. This is a prize that celebrates the best Technical Project for a student from the sixth or seventh year.

Veysel Günebakan and Niko Vanlersberghe, who both study Mechanical Production Engineering, designed a device to affix the frame of a bicycle in different positions. This came as a request by the bicycle manufacturer Ridley. The whole process was completed on Haas CNC machinery. All the Haas programs were developped with the Keller SYMplus-software.

Early September 2014, Ridley asked the VTI whether they were interested in developing a new concept for their manufacturing. In the current situation, their bike frames weren’t accessable in all positions, which led to user-unfriendly work positions and inefficient transit times.

Together with their teachers, E. Theunis and J. Nouwen, Niko and Veysel started working on this project. Ridley kept a close eye on the whole process, since they were interested in coming up with simple, yet brilliant, solutions.

A prototype was ready at the end of March 2015, and Ridley employees could start trying out the equipment. The first tests were very positive. Ridley is even interested in producing more devices for their bike tagging, and is willing to tweek the machinery so it can also be used in the spray painting process.

The jury of the Peter Heller Talent Award didn’t only praise the structural approach and motivation of the two students, but lauded their technical know-how, and the user-friendliness of the prototype.

Peter Heller was born in 1945 near Cologne (Germany). He studied Production Engineering in 1971, and graduated as Dipl. Eng. (FH). In 1971, he started his career at Ford Motor Cy in Cologne, with several manufacturing management positions at the Cologne and Dagenham plants.

In 1987, he was Launch Manager for the new Ford Fiesta model (UK, Germany, Spain). In 1990, he became CEO of the Ford Genk Plant – Ford’s largest assembly plant worldwide at that time. Each year, the Manufacturing Industrie in Limburg (Belgium) organise a contest for Technical Schools in Belgium. The award is named “the Peter Heller Talent Award.”

  • 30 June, 2015