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Back To School

It’s no secret that many areas of the country are experiencing a shortage of well-trained CNC machinists and operators. What’s not so obvious, however, is that there’s a corresponding shortage of well-trained CNC machine tool instructors.

Today’s manufacturers need employees who are trained in the latest technologies, equipment, and processes if they are to remain competitive. Instructors must be equally fluent in – if not more so – these same areas in order to pass on the information to their students, so that graduates will have the skills necessary to be productive their first day on the job.

The Haas Technical Education Center (HTEC) at Vincennes University (VU) in Vincennes, Indiana, has offered CNC Teacher Training and certification since 2011. To meet the growing need for qualified instructors, the very successful CNC Teacher Training curriculum developed at VU is expanding to three additional HTEC locations, culminating an effort led by VU HTEC Director and Associate Professor of Advanced Manufacturing Doug Bowman.

The locations for the three regional programs are Central Maine Community College, in Auburn, Maine; Danville Community College in Danville, Virginia; and De Anza College in Cupertino, California.

“A critical issue of delivering quality CNC education to students is the ongoing development of CNC teachers,” explains HTEC Manager Bob Skodzinsky. “All three new regional locations currently have excellent HTEC academic programs. They will all use the same CNC Teacher Training curriculum proven effective at Vincennes University – materials, textbook, pre-class learning software (LearnCNC), and projects. They will all also offer the NIMS options, so that teachers can complete the Level 1 NIMS credential for that module (Mill or Lathe).”

These new locations will help advance manufacturing in the United States. Through effective, advanced training and teacher certification, the students will become highly skilled engineers, CNC programmers, machinists, and operators.

  • 21 April, 2015