Machine Tool Coolant Series – Tools of Coolant

Machine Tool Coolant Series – Tools of Coolant

Here at Haas Automation, our customers often ask us about the best methods for maintaining the coolant systems on their machines.

We created this five-video series to address the most common questions and problems customers have when it comes to maintaining their coolant. These are the concerns we address day to day in our service department and at our Haas Factory Outlets around the world.

These videos can be watched in any order, and each one is complete with respect to the material covered. However, if you are new to mixing and maintaining your coolant we recommend you start by watching the Tools of Coolant, below. This video gives an overview of the tools that make coolant maintenance easier.


Once finished with Tools of Coolant, just pick the video that matches the state of your coolant:

-Need to fill your emply tank? Watch Making a New Batch.

-Is your coolant level low and the concentration weak? Watch Topping Up a Low Concentration.

-If your tank has lost coolant and has a high concentration, watch Topping Up a High Concentration.

-And if your tank needs a good cleaning, watch Cleaning Your Tank.

We hope these videos make it easier to keep your coolany funcationing at its best, and thanks for watching!

  • 05 May, 2014