Definition of “Modal”

Sat, Jun 5, 2010

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Dear Answer Man,

Hello, in reading your Operator’s Manual, I see the words modal and non-modal used quite often. Can you please give me a definition of modal?


Dear Jan:

When a code is modal, it means the programming code stays in effect until it is cancelled by another code or another action taken by the operator (pressing the Reset key, etc.). When a code is non-modal, the code is only in affect for the block in which it is commanded. For instance, a G00 Rapid Motion Position command stays in effect until it is cancelled by a G01, G02 or G03 command. An example of a non-modal code is a G53. This code, Non-modal Machine Coordinate Selection, cancels all active offsets for the block with the G53. All offsets in effect on the block before the G53 block become active again in the block after the G53 block.

Sincerely, Answer Man

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