Dead Stops for Lathes

Fri, Jun 4, 2010

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Dear Answer Man,

How do I set up a dead stop in my ST-30 lathe? Can I use a bar feeder for a dead stop?

Sincerely, Desmond

Dear Desmond:

Fabricate a tube that attaches to the face of the chuck throat. Use the three-hole pattern available when you remove the center plate to attach the dead stop there. This tube can have an adjustment rod at the back for use with jobs of different lengths.

It is not recommended to use a bar feeder as a dead stop, because the pushrod will rub on the workpiece as it rotates. The pushrod does not rotate with the workpiece. If you want to use the pushrod as a stop, we recommend that you program the pushrod to reference position, load the part and then retract the pushrod after the chuck closes. The V axis is used to control the pushrod. Moving the pushrod away from the rotating workpiece will prevent the workpiece from rubbing and damaging the stationary pushrod. These methods are compatible with all SL and ST models.

Sincerely, Answer Man

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