Cable Connection from a Laptop to CNC Machine Tool

Tue, May 25, 2010

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Dear Answer Man,

I use Virtual Gibbs programming software, and download programs into the machine via RS-232 cable. I just purchased a laptop computer, and I need a cable to connect the laptop to the machine. What kind of cable do I need and where can I buy it? Does Haas sell such a cable?


Dear Frank:

To connect your laptop to the machine, you will need a USB-to-Serial adapter, which is available from your local computer supply store, such as Radio Shack. You may need to install some software drivers for the converter, and you will also need to know which COM port has been assigned to it.

To determine which COM port has been assigned in a Windows Operating System, make sure the computer is connected to the machine and the software drivers are loaded. Right-click on the MY COMPUTER icon and click properties. Select the HARDWARE tab and click the DEVICE MANAGER button. Now, click on the word PORTS and this should show you the COM port number assigned to your USB-to- Serial converter cable. Data sent to your machine must go through this port. Set that port number in your computer’s sending software program.

Sincerely, Answer Man

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